Abendstimmung an einem wundervollen Tag am Meer.
Gerade dachte ich an meine älteren Songs wie "Every raindrop" aus der CD/DVD Learning to fly.

Hier einmal der Text:

With every raindrop 

With every raindrop a part of my time passes by

With every sunray I feel more ready to try
To live what I feel, to think what I want
To do what I choose, within me it’s calm

I wish for so many things, everything I feel
not lose myself within my chaos for real
Waste my feelings because I have them here
At the end of all moments they come back and are near

Enjoy my life, want to run free, in life I want to delve
To sing, dance, write poetry but not lose myself
What all the other people think I should all do
They all mean well, but just find themselves cool

Yes I believe in my love, as you see I practice it on you
I feel your hands, I so much love being your piano
Play your melodies for hours, go deep within myself
I believe in life and not in anything else

What do all the others want, blind with envy and contempt
What do these people want, telling me how I am without relent
What do they all want, the best for themselves
I want to live me........
.........before the last raindrop falls from above

Together with you through rain, with you through time
With every sunray I’m more prepared to love and entwine
To live me, to love you, to do what I want

So we won’t forget that love is the real bond

(Lyrics Lennart Cole/Music Anisha Cay/ Edition: MusicArtEmotions oHG)

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